Monday, 10 September 2018

07:15 - 08:15

BRM-01 | HTG: Next-generation tumour molecular profiling, practical cases

Room B1
Chair: Catherine Wolf, France

Molecular Profiling at the Local Level
Catherine Wolf, France

Breast cancer recurrence risk and subtyping
Jose Antonio López Guerrero, Spain

Nuclease protection assay is a reliable multiplex approach to detect gene fusions in lung cancer
Hans-Ulrich Schildhaus, Germany

13:00 - 14:30

LS-05 | Roche: Liquid biopsy applications in cancer research using the AVENIO Oncology Assays

Room A3
Chair: Mike Hubank, United Kingdom

001 13:00 – 13:20
Circulating tumour DNA as a clinical cancer biomarker: Evaluation of the Roche Avenio approach to plasma-based mutational profiling
Mike Hubank, United Kingdom

002 13:20 – 13:40
Practical implementation and validation of ctDNA using targeted NGS: Workflow experience and first results from clinical cohorts
Daan van den Broek, The Netherlands

003 13:40 – 14:00
High resolution ctDNA analysis for monitoring response to immune therapy in NSCLC patients
Ellen Heitzer, Austria

004 14:00 – 14:20
Blood-based therapy monitoring in lung adenocarcinoma
Holger Sültmann, Germany

005 14:20 – 14:30
Panel discussion / Q&A
Mike Hubank, United Kingdom

LS-06 | Thermo Fisher Scientific: Immuno-oncology and liquid biopsy biomarkers. A new path to precision oncology

Chair: Nicola Normanno, Italy

Tomour mutation burden as predictive biomarker – from discovery to standardisation
Nicola Normanno, Italy

Tumour mutational burden and its transition towards the clinic
Wolfram Jochum, Switzerland

Liquid biopsy: Real life case studies
Beatriz Bellosillo, Spain

Implementing next generation sequencing in a pathology laboratory
Jose Luis Rodriguez Peralto, Spain

LS-07 | AstraZeneca: Developing approaches to high quality and rapid molecular testing for patient selection in cancer

Room E
Chair: Reinhard Büttner, Germany

001 13:00 – 13:10
Welcome and Introduction
Reinhard Büttner, Germany

002 13:10 – 13:40
Optimising the testing algorithm for predicting response to immunotherapy in patients with urothelial carcinoma: PD-L1 and beyond
Fernando Lopez-Rios, Spain

003 13:40 – 13:50
Discussion and Q & A
Reinhard Büttner, Germany

004 13:50 – 14:15
Minimising turnaround times to enable fully informed patient selection for first-line therapy in advanced lung cancer
Paul Hofman, France

005 14:15 – 14:25
Discussion and Q & A
Reinhard Büttner, Germany

006 14:25 – 14:30
Closing remarks
Reinhard Büttner, Germany

LS-08 | 3DHISTECH: Digital pathology in Europe today

Room A4
Chair: Alistair Robson, United Kingdom

Experience of using Whole Slide Imaging in the provision of a dermatopathology service
Alistair Robson, United Kingdom

Digital pathology clinical application (non-primary diagnosis) using super ultra fast WSI scanner
Yukako Yagi, USA

Digital pathology and precision medicine: Two sides of the same coin
Frederick Klauschen, Germany

Bridging the distance between Pathologists: The progress of digital pathology in Egypt
Essam Ayad, Egypt